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Andy came to the world of musicianship, later in life and has been encouraged and inspired by his fabulously talented children Christine and Robert, each masters in their preferred musical genre. Only taking his first strum at the age of 40, Andy has not made his musical journey an easy one - he has always been drawn to the more obscure instruments. Bouzouki, didgerido, bodhran, and pipes - lots of pipes!!

Whilst in the past Andy embraced the contemporary American/Canadian folk scene ( Dylan, Mitchell, Baez, Cohen, Young) he also adored the Brit New Wave scene (Jam, Pistols, Clash). These days he is blinkered and listens almost exclusively to The Irish Ballad ( Planxty, Moore, Dubs. ) and Celtic instrumental bands ( Solas, Patrick St., Lunasa)
So, there you have it....

The aim is to offer a bit of Celtic craic whenever possible!

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Photography by: Cheryl Smale

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